18.5.2021 | Jeanette Aurdal

The more you give the more you have...

Be it love, creativity, enthusiasm or ideas!

Sharing a simple meal with friends and family is better than a twelve course meal for one. Giving a present is in our view often more exciting than receiving one.

Sharing ideas or gifts with others is not only rewarding in the moment, but you never know what seeds are sown and the legacy it creates.

Carving Boards... the focal point of the table.
Sharing moments and making memories is at the core of everything we do.

After too long in lockdown mode, we can not wait to carve boards for big birthday parties, weddings and other gatherings where friends and family again can break bread together.

We can not wait to welcome you back to our wood carving workshops where we can share our love of making centrepieces for these occasions, and neither can you, judging by the rate these courses are being booked…

The things we make take on a much greater meaning than the pieces of oak or the practical function of the product. When you add the words in, be it names, dates or quotes it adds a unique dimension far beyond what I could ever have imagined.
- Jeanette

A carving board for Father’s Day soon turns into a tradition of Daddy being responsible for the Sunday roast. A bench in the garden becomes the destination for your morning coffee. Our swings become the backdrop of the photoshoot for milestones like ‘first day at school’, birthdays or simply a gathering of loved ones. I could go on, but you get the drift and it is up to you how you make your own traditions. We are just very privileged to be part of your journey.

This Cedar of Lebanon at Leeds Castle in Kent was once a seed...