27.10.2019 | Jeanette Aurdal

The Maturing of Oak...

and other things.

We love our oak to go that silvery weathered colour when it goes outside. Some of our customers even ask us not to apply any oil so that it can weather quicker.

Oak can simply be left outside to their own devices, due to the naturally high levels of tannin in the wood. When the swings go outside they continue to evolve as they reach equilibrium with their environment. This is when cracks come and go – and some will stay. The swings go through what we often refer to as ‘the-ugly-duckling’- stage, before they become part of their new setting.

We use super prime kiln dried European oak for our swings and each piece is expertly selected by our craftsmen. The designs are generously proportioned and remain structurally strong, despite any superficial imperfections that may emerge.

Each piece of oak is naturally unique, and will develop different characteristics depending on it’s particular environment.

A bit like humans really…

We have used only the finest ingredients, given our outmost care, yet they might go through a stage we don’t love so much, dear we say teen-age years?

Depending on the surroundings and conditions, the uniqueness eventually shines through, with the cracks and imperfections becoming part of their beauty…