13.2.2021 | Jeanette Aurdal

About Spring & Mother's Day!

We are running out of certainties, but holding on to those we can...

No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow...

Everybody has learnt to make it up as we go along and not to plan much ahead.

With some weddings cancelled three times, holidays rescheduled till 2022(!) and even normally unavoidable certainties like exams not even penciled into our diaries, our lives have been turned upside down. You could say we have been given a crash course in how to 'take each day as it comes'.

However. Never in our lifetimes have we needed to find something to look forward to more than just now. Spring could not be more timely. The season for optimism and hope.

Bundle that with Mother's Day and there are lots of reasons to drop subtle hints, or treat yourself and your nearest and dearest to a special treat!

We have a range of gorgeous ideas, ranging from candles, table centrepieces and chopping boards to garden benches and swings.

Mum's Cooking SPECIAL OFFER now £75, was £90

from £75

You probably can't take your Mum out for the usual lunch treat on this coming Mothering Sunday, we are doing a special offer on our unique cookbook holders.

They are normally £90, but these two wonderful engraving options are available to order before 7th of March for £75.

Mum's Office

from £125

These will be much needed when we have to start juggling social event and other appointments again soon!

Mum's Gin & Tonic

from £55

Despite it's reputation, gin has kept mother's sane through wars, pandemics and regular every day life. This is not about to change!

Few things are more irritating than somebody using a large chopping board to chop some lemon on lime for Mother's G&T. This issue can quickly be rectified by designating a special board for the job...