1.11.2022 | Jeanette Aurdal

Champagne & Compost - an unlikely pairing...

It is a pretty unlikely pairing - Compost & Champagne, but that’s just because nobody has thought about it until we did!

As we know, life has both champagne and compost days and they rarely overlap!

Yet good compost is more related to fine wines than it first appears.

You reap what you sow...

This principle applies to most aspects of life.

Vines are often planted up to 5 years before they can be used to create their first wine. The final properties of the wine have a lot to do with the conditions of the soil, and there certainly isn’t a quick way of getting to excellent quality.

Compost Today... Champagne Tomorrow!

Doing 'the-right-thing'...

At Oak & Rope we always take the long view. The materials we use take their good time to grow and the products we create are made to last a lifetime at least. Designing a product that is exciting enough to be given as a present, yet encourages us to ‘do the right thing’ is our favourite thing to do. It represents everything we believe in when it comes to creating the right balance in life and it makes it particularly suitable as an anniversary or wedding present!

We know we make the best presents for the big milestone events in life, but our designs are not just for high days and holidays.

They are made to be used in your everyday!

With this multitasking mission in mind, we have designed a wine cooler that also works as a compost caddy. Coming in two sizes to allow for kitchen size and wine consumption, this is an essential piece for every home where cold wine and composting are a way of life.

Those who know us well know that sustainability is a topic close to our heart. If we can make it easier for you to do the right thing by composting food waste without compromising on style, we feel that we are doing our little bit.

And with the right engraving this unique piece is just as fitting as a table centrepiece with fine wines as it is by your kitchen sink collecting potato peelings and egg shells.

Play on words...

We walk the line between tongue-in-cheek wordplay and philosophical reflection and these caddies have given us so much to play with!

We love Living the Good Life at [house name] and New Beginnings at [house name] for a housewarming present.

Ageing Gracefully since [year] or Pickled to Perfection for a big birthday, and Chilling with [names] is perfect for just about any occasion.

These were our initial ideas, but the topic of wine, champagne, gardening and the good life in general has so much potential that we know we have only scratched the surface.

Champagne Quotes

Champagne alone is a huge area of inspiration, and Pinterest is always a good place to start.

There are champagne quotes from Churchill, Napoleon, Coco Chanel, Dom Perignion and many more.

Oscar Wilde even managed to combine mud and bubbles in his famous observation

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars…”
- Oscar Wilde

The caddies are made in solid oak with a stainless steel insert and lid. The stainless steel inserts can be washed in the dishwasher. We make them in two sizes.

Single Bottle/Small Caddy

from £145

A stunning centrepiece for your gatherings or a pride of joy on your kitchen worktop.

Three Bottle Wine/Champagne Cooler or Big Compost Caddy

from £200

Or the bigger caddy for the bigger gatherings with more bottles and more compost.

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