What a mess...

We are quickly learning what is important and what is not!

The safety of the team and our loved ones is the only thing that really matters.

Our delivery times are a little bit longer than usual at the moment and anything marked as ‘Next Day’ stock will not be shipped from the workshop before Wednesday 1st of April.

From early on in this crisis we have been keeping our distances and taken extra measures to keep safe, taking advantage of our isolated location and possibly somewhat anti-social characters.

However, it is no longer enough, so we are temporarily closing the workshop.

The team has worked as fast as they possibly can under the extra distancing measures and today we are sending out all the orders that were ready. All ahead of time. Caren is there on her own now, packing up the last pieces before the wonderful Parcel Force driver arrives.

Some of us have workshops at home and we have ideas for how we can resume shortly with some sort of isolated working in the workshop, but for now everybody just needs to stay at home and keep their families safe.

I can not thank our customers enough for your loyal support in these last few weeks. When buying a cheeseboard has been the last thing on your minds you have actually placed orders for events far into the future, to help us keep the wheels turning…

Although we do not regard ourselves as essential workers, we do think that particularly through the testing times, it is important to remember birthdays and anniversaries. With everybody spending more time in the garden, having a special bench or swing seat can take your mind of things for a bit, and with everybody spending time together at home, now is in fact a good time to get more organised with clever storage solutions for everybody.

So many quotes and sayings have taken on a whole new meaning…

We will therefore keep our 15% OFF discount code going for the time being. (code: BECAUSEWESHOULD)

We will make and ship the orders to you as quickly as the rest of the world will allow.

Take care of each other!

Lots of love from

Jeanette and the rest of The Oak & Rope team


PS – If anybody has a wedding present with the wrong date engraved, we can help with that when the future is a bit clearer. We have some great ideas for how to either change it, or make it part of the story of this very strange journey we are finding ourselves in…

PPS – Connect with us on our social media and watch out for uplifting quotes, how-to-videos for making swings and knots, and how to look after your chopping boards plus other ideas for how to stay sane.