Peg Rail

Peg Rail

The key to keeping organised is to have enough hanging space in the right places. It is by far the easiest and most efficient way of storing things. The Oak & Rope Pegs make it look gorgous too. Personalise it with children's, family or house names, mottos, humorous sayings ....

A perfect gift for any member of the family, or just a sensible purchase for yourself! Personal and unique, contemporary yet timeless, this is a stunning way to organise your hallway, the best storage solutions are the simple ones.

These are perfect for coats or kit bags.

We feel sure it will be admired and put to good use.

We offer anything from 1 peg with a single letter on it to a rail with 18 pegs!

The personalisation can be in one or two lines, be alinged to specific pegs or something completely different. If it is not clear we will proof it with you before starting the engraving. For long engravings we will reduce the size of each letter.

The peg rail is made in 3.5 cm thick solid oak. It is 16 cm high and is fastened to the wall with two hidden screws.

Depending on what you chose the measurements are:

1 peg - 8 cm long, 2 pegs - 27 cm, 3 pegs - 40 cm, 4 pegs - 53 cm, 5 pegs - 66 cm, 6 pegs - 79 cm, 7 pegs - 92 cm, 8 pegs - 105 cm, 9 pegs - 118 cm, 10 pegs - 131 cm, 11 pegs - 144 cm, 12 pegs - 157 cm, 13 pegs - 170 cm, 14 pegs - 183 cm, 15 pegs - 196 cm, 16 pegs - 209 cm, 17 pegs - 222 cm, 18 pegs - 235 cm.

Each peg is made in stainless steel and is 16 mm in diameter and sticks out 7.5 cm from the wood.

Price: £ 225.00