White Oiled Height Chart

Engraving suggestions:
  • TO THE MOON & BACK ....
  • (family name)
170 x 25 x 3.5 cm, with a scale from 40 cm to 2 metre

A truly beautiful way of keeping track of your growing children and grandchildren. It makes an instant heirloom. Engrave it with the family name or a family moto. MIGHTY OAKS FROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW, PHOEBE... TO THE MOON AND BACK..., THE BROWN CHILDREN RULE or GRANNY x's GROWING TRIBE, a child's name etc.

There is a lot of space for engraving on these, so if you have any unusual ideas, let us know, and we are sure we can help. You can engrave on the edges as well.

How about engraving the height of the grown-ups (as it's not likely to change much), or the height/length of your little ones when they were born.

You can write on the wall chart with pencil or with a special silver metalic pen you can buy from most stationary shops or from us.

People who have bought these growometers from us only report one problem - their children want to be measured every 5 minutes.

If you already have started scribbeling yours on the back of a door, it is not too late - you can transfer the measurements onto the heighchart, and keep it forever!

It has two hidden brackets at the back, so it can be fastened on the wall invisibly with two screws.

The scale can be metric or imperial, or even both.

PRICES FROM - £ 475.00

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