Apple Watch Charging Stand

Engraving suggestions:
  • MAKE TIME ...
  • (name) RECHARGE HERE
I wasn’t quite convinced about the Apple Watch when it was first launched. Did I really need another device? And to tell the time you surely just look at your phone, right?

Until I got a request from a customer to make a stand for his beloved watch...

I borrowed an Apple Watch for a few days and studied it in detail. It is such a thing of beauty. I got to know its feel and proportions and decided to mill a stand out of a single solid piece of oak measuring 70 x 70 x 100 mm. I worked out how to display it best to keep it safe and charge at the same time. I made a compartment for the magnetic pad and grooves for the cable, and even a little dip for the beautifully rounded case to sit in exactly the right position.

I really didn’t mean to, but I absolutely fell in love with this little gadget, and I haven’t even turned the power on...

The thing about time is that there are so many wise words and engravings that can be used to make this stand just right for that perfect present or for your own desk or bedside table. We have tried out a few, but we are convinced our customers will come up with other gems.

Magnetic charger cable not included

PRICES FROM - £ 130.00