Create Yourself: Swing Making Kit

Create Yourself: Swing Making Kit

For centuries children have made their own swings out of whatever they had to hand, and driftwood planks attached to questionable pieces of string has provided hours of fun and created precious memories all over the world. However, you may not always have all the necessary pieces to hand, so we are here to help...

The most important skill I wish to pass on to my children is the joy of making things…
Being able to make things with your own hands changes your outlook on life:
1. You feel empowered by a sense of self-sufficiency
2. You learn patience when you see how your perseverance pays off.
3. You learn to appreciate the things made by other people when you see what goes into making something from scratch. This in turn teaches you respect for others.
4. You can make useful and beautiful things you otherwise might not be able to afford.
5. You see the possibilities of making improvements in the world around you.
6. You learn to take pride in what you do.
7. You will never be bored, as there is always something else to make…

There are probably dozens of additional benefits in learning how to make things, that I can’t think of at the moment, and please feel free to add them here.

I simply want to get this new product out into the world, helping people learn how to make things themselves. We live by the motto #wemakethethingswewishexisted and have now made a kit that can help your children take the first step in making something they are truly proud of. Using the finest materials, easy to follow instructions they can make and hang their own swing. What a great way to start the Summer holidays… and who knows what they will make next!

The kit costs £75 delivered in the UK (+£25 for the rest of the world).
It includes a piece of solid oak (50 x 17 x 2 cm) with predrilled holes for the rope, 2 x 4 metre of manila rope, sand paper, oil and instructions.

Prices from - £ 75.00