Self-evidently, trees mean a lot to us at The Oak and Rope Company. Trees have provided the source material for historic buildings and furniture for millennia and are at our heart and root. But we also see the importance of nurturing and conserving our magnificent heritage trees, standing tall and proud for centuries in our landscapes.



In the parkland of Leeds Castle, the astonishingly beautiful castle in Kent and not far from The Oak and Rope Company’s workshop, are some ancient and lovely trees. During 2019 the castle is celebrating it’s 900th year and has embarked on a conservation programme to ensure that some of their oldest and most majestic trees are preserved for the future with their “Rooting for Future Generations” programme of tree surgery.

The Oak and Rope Company is thrilled to sponsor the most iconic tree on the estate, the Cedar of Lebanon on the Cedar Lawn in front of the castle. This tree required some expert surgery to reduce its weight and height and to improve the existing band around its multi-stemmed trunk to keep it safe for future years.

On a very wet and windy day shortly before Christmas the tree surgeons arrived along with their cherry pickers and equipment and work commenced on the tree.

Shortly after that BBC One’s Countryfile team arrived to film the work. Hats off to the skilled work of Wes, Will and the all tree team along with Matt Baker who bravely took to the cherry picker in a gale!

The Countryfile programme goes out on Sunday 13th January at 7pm. Tune in to see what happens.




Photo credit: Ben Byfield, Wes Porter, Ian Ridger