7.12.2020 | Jeanette Aurdal

The "Can-Do" List...

It has been an unprecedented year for us, and we are overwhelmed by your support. As a result we have had to limit orders earlier than any other year. However in true Oak & Rope fashion, we would rather like to focus on what we CAN DO, rather than what we can't...

(updated 08.12.2020)

You are still in time to order the following for Christmas delivery...

The essential carving board...

from £245

We have a limited number of carving boards available.

It is the centrepiece of the Christmas lunch and the Sunday Roasts for the rest of the year.

Perfect last minute present for those who suddenly have had to 'do' Christmas themselves for the first time this year...

The Charcuterie Paddle Board

from £105

This is a great all-rounder. A copy of the most used chopping board in my Mother's kitchen. You will use this every day.

3 in stock

Long Charcuterie Board

from £225

Fill it with all your favourites. What will you engrave?

I am having one carved for our family with: ALWAYS BRING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE... I live in hope that my subtle messages will sink in one of these days.

2020 What a Year!

from £40

We still haver a handful of these, and they are available unpersonalised.

It sums up your year whatever your experience has been...

Jar Set: Tea, Coffee & Sugar

from £115

The essential starter kit for a future jar collection.

We have these sets in stock and are still able to personalise a few more jars too, if you want to add to the collection

Match Boxes

from £50

Our gorgeous Match Boxes as still available for a few more days...

Gin & Tonic Board

from £45

Never truly out of fashion, the G&T has been with us through thick and thin. Lockdown Gin is definitely a thing. Anybody who drinks at home will love one of these.

Egg & Soldiers

from £45

These were an unexpected best seller this year, and we managed to make a few more last week.

6 left in stock pre-engraved with Egg & Soldiers, ie no personalisation available

Ticket and R.S.V.P holders

from £30

We absolutely love the optimism of those who buy these. They were last years best seller, but clearly people have not been buying them in the same numbers this year. Yet a number of people have, and it reminds us, this too will pass, and we will be back to normality soon!

Mum's or Dad's Office

from £125

In the year of working from home these are essential. A great place to keep memories, notices and other things you may need to do something about. We have a few of these ready to go. And some with Dad's Office too.

Dad's Nuts

from £45

We made a few of these, as they are always needed.

The Medium Size Swing

from £345

We have made some extras of this best selling swing and can still get a handful of these shipped from the workshop in time for Christmas. It is large enough for two small bottoms or one larger one, but still light enough for young children to be able to play with.

If you wish to buy any of our other swing we can send you a gift card for now, and we will ship it early January.

PS. We also have 3 Up & Away swings in stock.

Family Recharging Station

from £95

The technology has kept us sane and driven us mad in equal measure. We very much believe it is about finding an acceptable way of living with it... We will not stop making these till the very very last minute. They are A MUST for any family spending time together.

Gift Card

from £10

If there is anything you would like to buy from our website that is not on this list, you can still order it per usual from our website. If you specify in the comment field at check out that you would like to receive a gift voucher for this to be sent to you or the recipient directly, we will include a small complimentary scented candle and a beautifully wrapped gift voucher.

You can also click below to simply give a gift voucher of the value you specify.

Workshop Experience Vouchers

from £145

We can not wait to run our wood carving workshops again!

As soon as the world allows it we want to invite people again to come and learn to carve their own heirlooms. The feedback over the years have been amazing, and it has been the starting point for a number of people taking up letter carving as a serious hobby.

We hope that by the late spring/early summer we can schedule these again.